So you want to check out caving....  Great!

It can be tough to give advice that covers all situations because different caves can require very different gear.  When you come caving with us for the first time we will let you know what specific gear to bring.  We want you to be prepared; we will not let you be a danger to yourself or others.  

A "wild" cave is a non-commercial cave - a cave with no sidewalks, handrails or lights.  For those of you who have never been in a wild cave, you generally need the following:

General 1st time caving gear:

You should know:

Beyond that... Derek Bristol is an excellent source for all things caving.  He's online at his own website and on youtube.  Here is a four part series that is a top-notch guide to beginners caving:

Part 1: An Introduction to Caves

Part 2: An Overview of Caving

Part 3: Your First Caving Trip

Part 4: Introduction to Project Caving