Chouteau Grotto



The mission of the Chouteau grotto is, in part, to:

Explore, photograph, conduct/participate in scientific studies in speleology, survey and map caves, and to promote good will with land owners and land managers.  

Provide information and education on cave conservation, minimal impact caving practices, caving safety, basic and advanced caving techniques.  

Promote safe caving practices, the preservation of cave watershed areas, conservation of caves, and their natural content.    


Get Involved

Official meetings are held in Columbia, MO at 6:30 pm on the first Wednesday of the month.  

Those who are interested in caving are welcome to attend. 

Reach out via email to for meeting details.  


Pardon our Mess

Our website is under construction...  Please forgive the broken links and dust as we piece together a new website.